Digital Business Academy For Unsurpassed Online Business Prowess

The advent of the internet turned the world into a global village; creating a new and lucrative business platform. The facets of conducting business online are constantly morphing, and without proper guidance or expertise, can prove to be quite daunting. To this end, Tech City UK, an initiative of the UK government has partnered up with leading educational institutions, businesses and organisations to create the Digital Business Academy.

At Digital Business Academy, we recognise that inherent need to have a solid foundation in order to thrive in the highly competitive world of online business. To this end, we brought together a team of highly experienced experts who crafted eight customised online courses that will give you all the business skills necessary to prosper in the world of digital business.

Designed by world leading experts, these classes are thoughtfully put together to embrace learners at all levels. Virtually anyone over the age of 18 years is eligible to enrol for these courses, offered free of charge. These easy to follow modules are currently available at Cambridge Judge Business School, UCL and Founder Centric. With plans to extend them further, these courses equip you with essential skills that will conveniently allow you to start, join and competitively grow a digital business. Learn more about the CEO and Chair of Tech City Investment Organisation at this Joanna Shields BBC article.

Running twice a year, these eight specialised courses at Digital Marketing Academy are based on online learning groups. Online tutors are accessible to students to address questions from students at selected times. Our eight expertly crafted courses are flexible and are unsurpassed in quality. They cover all areas essential to starting a digital business: developing digital products, digital marketing and branding, carrying out proper digital marketing campaigns and sourcing finance for start-ups.

Upon successfully completing these courses, Digital Business Academy partners with leading industry players to reward our students with unmatched opportunities. To boost your entrepreneurial bid, we offer rewards that range from fast tracking your start-up loans, availing free co-working space, mentoring to awarding ad credit from reputable companies. For those seeking to join the digital business world, we offer exclusive recruitment opportunities and a fast track lane for internship interviews.  

Running on a platform powered by UCL, Digital Business Academy plans to launch internationally after a successful pilot, open UK residents only. To upsurge our reach we are looking to partner up with all educational institutions that will include our free courses in their curriculums. Grant your students a competitive edge in the business world by making our versatile courses a part of compulsory or supplementary activities.

To many companies, our courses present free pass to embrace the incredible opportunity to tap the lucrative online business. Our expertly crafted courses will confer specialist skills to your employees whilst refining their entrepreneurial mindset; enhance your online branding at zero costs. Pick the most relevant courses and make them part of your training curriculum.  
Leading companies are continually partnering with Digital Business Academy in order to land a crop of highly knowledgeable and skilled interns. Get on board today and provide opportunities to these self-motivated individuals that will add tangible value to your marketing force. Contact us today.

By partnering up with Digital Business Academy, we avail a unique opportunity for companies to promote their brands directly to the clients. Get on board today and join a host of leading companies like Twitter and Hootsuite in competitively enhancing your brand whilst creating job opportunities.